Her moving story, the truth about Doris Stokes as recalled by her manager Laurie O’Leary until her passing in May 1987. Unfortunately Laurie O’Leary has also now joined Doris on the other side.

A book was also being written about his years of being close to her and husband John. Sadly this was never published as Laurie died before it was finished and published. Laurie also wrote a book about Ronnie Kray.

Doris Stokes

Audio tapes, Videos and CD’s of some of the theatre appearances of Doris are available with new items beijng made available every week.  (see products page)

Laurie talks about unhappy experiences with Terry, who he couldn’t accept as their adopted son.  All those around Doris would condescend to Terry to appease her, but in Laurie’s words, he was a nasty person.

Quotes from people who Doris has helped in their grief, poems and various memorabilia about Doris have been documented, and will be available through the products page.

Please enjoy the photo gallery which has some real gems of photography from the life and times of Doris Stokes and some of the people who new and crossed her path.

More products are being added weekly so please feel free to bookmark the site and check back on a regular basis.

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